June 30, 2010

Rollercoaster of Emotions

I'm so emotionally unpredictable these days, today is CD 4 (cycle day four). I'm so thankful to be on a new cycle but in the exact same breath I am so sick of this period, it's been heavy and challenging (cramps etc). I feel horrible and ungrateful even though I'm not I'm very grateful. Mostly I'm very hormonal. Seems most people around me can tell, and for that I'm sorry (at least for the moment). I'm up and down, one moment I'm fine the next I'm not. Poor V. I feel badly for him, though he seems to be handling it ok. One moment I am so thankful to have a new cycle the next I'm so sad because I'm on my period and that means I'm still not pregnant. What a difficult journey.

But you know me, I still have a ton of hope. I know God is sovereign over all and will take care of me and provide us with the baby we so desire. V. has even been reading through our baby name book again in search of the perfect boy name (we already have a girl name). It's so cute, I love watching him on this journey.

1 comment:

  1. This is just another stepping stone toward your goal. :) You've been doing really great so far! I don't mind the hormones either. :) I've put you through that enough anyway! Keep yourself positive! Love ya!