June 7, 2010


The worst part about all that I am going through with our journey to family is that I am not last women who will have to deal with this. This won't be cured with me or even the next woman. That is so sad to me. But I still have so much hope, no matter what it takes or where this journey takes us. I just know the Lord will provide us with the child our heart desires. I know that God himself provided us with this desire and I know undoubtedly that it will be fulfilled. I'm learning to give up my desire to be so in control of the how and when. After all, if I'm honest with myself I'm not in control and I have never been and more so I will never be.

A week from tomorrow I have an appointment with my dr (not her assistant for once). I'll go with all my questions written out and not leave without a clear idea of her objectives regarding the medicine she wants me to take and a plan (or at minimum a general idea) for the road ahead. Should she be unwilling to provide me with the information I need to feel comfortable I will quickly have a new dr. I'm pondering having my mom-in-law come with me, even if she just sits in the lobby, I may need that strength. So many thoughts rumble through my head at this moment.

Until Next time,
~Much Love~

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