June 25, 2010

Goodbye Provera Pills

*please note provera looks nothing like this image*

I am so excited! Tonight will be my last provera pill! Ten days went by so quickly! It's been a pretty good ten days! I got to see and old friend and her baby girl and have a little home decor party the other night. I was so excited that baby girl liked me, I know that sounds odd but my friend and her hubby live 8 hrs away and I've never met baby girl before, she's already 8 months old! A good time was had by all, my home decor party was tiny but I so enjoyed the company of the people who did come. And really what else matters?
And on top of that I applied for another job yesterday and got a call just a few hours later! I have an interview on Monday! I'm excited and scared but feel confident, it's it's supposed to be the Lord will guide my path and if not he will lead me away from that.
Last but not least, it's Friday!! I am so tired today it's crazy! I can't wait to go home, slip on some comfy clothes and watch movies with my Love! I so enjoy married life!

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  1. Yeah for Friday! Thanks for my well wishes. I am excited for the trip. I will say hello to the sea for you! Take care, Kit