June 23, 2010

Jade Green

Is my favorite color, well in truth all shades of green are my favorite color(s). Ironically this was not the case about two and a quarter years ago. That's right it was not until my wedding day that green really became my favorite color. Silly, I know but it's true. I was married on a crisp March afternoon just a few days before St Patrick's Day (that is a story for another day, sorry). There is something about March, it's so much more special to me now, it brings so much hope...the long winter is attempting to end, flowers and trees are doing their best to bring some color and life back to the world and it comes first as little pops of green.

Over the last two years, I have slowly acquired a growing love for all shades of green. I wear it (thankfully I can rock it!), I want to paint the walls the color (not all the walls), I buy sheets and accents in all shades, essentially I add it to my life during all the seasons of the year. My newest addition in the shade of green, jade green, is a Dell Laptop. V. thinks it's loony but doesn't care. He's not a big fan of computers and could really care less, I think he's just thankful it's not pink (yes I do wear a lot of pink). Could you see my manly husband using a pink laptop?? The sight just makes me giggle!!

I have so enjoyed typing my first blog post on my new "Greenie" (yes I named my laptop, I am officially that girl, LOL!) I have a feeling her and I are going to have a long road of blog posts together!

This isn't her exactly but you get the idea:

So what do you think? Is there a story behind your favorite color?

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  1. LOL!! I love your story! In fact, my favorite color is also green. Mine stems from all the long winter brown months here in Montana. And once the trees start to pop, and the world gets enveloped in green, my heart sings. I can wear it also (with my red hair) and it makes me feel very "earthy". :) Kit