June 17, 2010

An End in Sight for Cycle #3

I finally had my dr’s appointment to ask questions yesterday. I’m surprised by how well it went. I didn’t feel rushed and I held it together really well, I only got a little misty eyed once! I went through all my well thought out questions and feel like I got all of them answered. For now I’m on a 10day prescription of Provera to induce a period, which can happen at any point in the next 2 weeks. With the hope that my body will go back to having a cycle on it’s own since I had two normal length cycles before this monster of a cycle. If my next cycle is long we’ll stop it at 60 days so I don’t have to worry about going nearly as long. Essentially my dr doesn’t want to test for anything unless I have another long cycle. Then we can look at PCOS and other potential factors, she thinks that I might not be making enough estrogen. Who knows. I just feel glad to have a plan in place and to at least feel like I might know what the next few months could look like. I know she is only a dr and only God knows what is going to really happen but I am SO thankful to feel some sense of what is going on. I feel so much better (other than I think I might already be experiencing side effects from my first pill, oh well whatever it takes!)

With much HOPE and Love,


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