June 15, 2010

One Hundred and Eleven Days...

...since my last period. Ugh. I'm sorta mad my dr has let this cycle run this long. It's now been 1/4 of a year since I've had a period. For the most part I've handled this whole thing pretty well, but today I'm angry. I can't believe this is my journey. But maybe anger is what I need to insure I actually press my dr for some answers, for something resembling a plan. I have a bad feeling I'm going to have to find another dr. My current dr hasn't tested me for PCOS and I'm fairly certain that I do in fact have it at this point, she also wants me to put me on Provera. I have a a million thoughts running, screaming through my mind. All I want is some calm.

I know God's will is going to prevail over all of this mess....I feel like that Amy Grant song (see video I just posted) "beautiful the mess we are."

I'll update you tomorrow after my appointment.

Until Next Time,
~Much Love~

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