June 24, 2010

Today is a Good Day!

I'm sure by now you have heard my whine about my job. Let me first say I know full well that I am beyond blessed to still be gainfully employed, I know far too many people who have been out of work for up to and beyond a year. But that doesn't make my job any less stressful. Needless to say I am searching for a new job (I didn't get the one I recently had an interview for and I'm 100% ok with it).

I decided to go out on a bendy branch and ask our former Chief Operating Officer to be a reference for me. While she worked here I had the chance to get to know her fairly well, she in fact was the person who interviewed and hired me at this company, and while sometimes she could be a pain in the [BLEEP!] she was and is a very nice person and an incredible career woman. I am happy that she has moved on as it means more time with her full grown children and MUCH less stress in her life. I look up to her in many was, but she could be a bit unpredictable and I wasn't even sure the email I had for her was still functioning. I figured the worst she could say was no or not answer me at all. So I sent up a flair prayer and hit send. This could be really helpful in the future search, I mean really? Hello! Having a reference from the COO of a decent sized company, not that would be helpful!

I no sooner hit send and had a reply back, (cue shocked face) " Hey Jen, You are AMAZING and I would be glad to give you a reference. Let me know how I can help. I always think of everyone and miss you lots. Blessings, [former COO name here]" Tears of Joy! She said yes!! I have already put her info on my resume' now to search for something worthy of my (now much more) awesome resume'!!!

I just had to share! So tell me why today is a Good Day for you! I want to hear stories!

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