June 11, 2010

Reading the Bible in one Year

So a while back my community group through church (or my "odd little family" as we call each other) started reading the bible in a year. At first I was terrified, it seemed like such a challenge. I can admit that in my 5ish years as a follower of Christ I have read the bible here and there, mostly following along with the series' at our church but I had failed at every attempt to read a majority of it. I know, I know...sad.

So when my friend/community group leader/pastor found a timeline we could follow together I jumped in, and dragged V. with me (he's already read the entire bible several times). I will be the first to admit I'm not great at this. I can make all the excuses in the world, trust me, but it's just easier for me to read several days worth at a time than to read every single night. I process it all better that way. I have just finished the book of Job, and was reading the Psalms last night, specifically Psalms 2-13. It really touched me. For the first time it really hit me that being mad/angry and voicing those things to God is not sin. He wants that honest communication between us.

In case you are interested there is the timeline we are using, you can pick up anywhere and start: http://bibleplan.org/3/esv/

Happy Friday!!

~Much Love~

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