June 9, 2010

Interview Today!

Wish me luck!

Shortly I'll be off to my first interview in over 2 years! My current job is...well just that a job, and this company has changed so much in the last year to year and half it greatly saddens me! When I started here I was so excited to be on the ground level, I really thought I was in for something amazing and would grow my career here. Little did I know this company doesn't do that, people don't move up here, they hire well experienced people and leave them in that position until they leave (which has happened too much in the last 2 years for me). Not only that but they don't hire/promote internally at all, jobs are not listed internally. Odd. The only shining light and the reason I'm still here is my direct boss. He is such a nice man, I feel badly for all the things he's dealt with here. I wish he'd move on, I'm not sure why he hasn't and I feel bad for leaving him (because he's rather fatherly to me) but it's come down to what is best for me. I do the work of three people and oh yeah they don't give raises here either, the best of employees have gotten .01% raises in the last 5 years. I've gotten the #1 review for our state (about 50-75 people) for the last two years and got under the one percent both times.

So I'm off to an interview for a company I believe I can move up in. The position is entry level and not exciting but should be less stress with the same hours. The only thing I don't know much about is the pay but I am certain they wouldn't interview me, knowing what I already make and that I'm currently employed, if they weren't willing to pay at least match that. Here's hoping! (I also hope the benifits are better since it's a larger company *fingers crosses*)

Like all other things in my life it's up to God and if it's his will it will work out. Wish me luck, and if you have spare prayers laying around I'd appreciate them!

Until Next time-
~Much Love~


  1. I was praying for you! You're probably still in the middle of the interview. I'm still sending good vibes! I know you'll knock the interview out of the park! Can't wait to hear about it. I hope you can make this move and be a part of a company you can grow in. :) Love you!