June 29, 2010

A Period and a Personal Day.

Consider this your warning, I’ve started my period so I’m hormonal and I’m gonna talk about it! LOL! So if you don’t want to hear the ramblings of a woman on her first period in...Oh say 4 months, I’d come back tomorrow. LOL!

Just kidding so far, today, my hormones are level. I’ve never been so happy to have a period in my whole life! I was secretly terrified that I would be one of the few women for whom provera would not induce a period. I finished my provera on Friday and just after church on Sunday she showed, and is she ever here! I feel sorta clueless, my first two periods off birth control were really unpredictable and light with few side effects (ei. Cramps, bloating etc etc etc) not to mention that was ¼ of a year ago. This one is here full force, cramps, nausea, mood swings and all! Side note, I am not one of those women who gets PMS (pre menstrual syndrome), nope all that fun stuff starts when she shows, yikes!

So my poor doggie was feeling really ill over the weekend, typically she is a really energetic dog and all Saturday she just lay around the house, didn’t eat or drink much. V. hooked up our little air conditioning unit for the dogs benefit as much as ours. By Sunday our dog wasn’t a ton better but acting a little bit on the up and up, unfortunately by evening she was clearly not making enough progress. I texted my boss that I would need a personal day to take her to the Vet, luckily my boss is a dog lover too and didn’t mind. Thankfully I already have ~60 hours of personal/vacation/sick time saved so far this year so it’s not a big deal. It was quite the ordeal to get her an appointment Monday morning since I also wanted to switch vets, eventually we got her in and had a great experience, some fluids and an Rx later we were on our way home to mend. She’s been really good about taking her meds (it helps that mom bought some tasty wet dog food to hind them in ;)). Other than that my personal day hasn’t been as relaxing as I had hoped. I’ve cleaned the kitchen and bathroom really well, vacuumed the whole house, done dishes (how do those pile up SO quickly?!?!) and de-clutered by office/the spare bedroom (the someday-nursery!). It feels good to have the house a little cleaner than usual, V. does something’s but he certainly doesn’t scrub. Good thing he’s cute! Poor guy I came out of the bathroom Sunday after returning from church (and discovering my period was here), he was walking by me and I grabbed his arm and with tears in my eyes said “I’m on my period” he was unsure how to respond so he just hugged me, I cried a little (told you I’m hormonal!) And said to him “I’m sorry I’m a bit loony lately, I love you lots, thanks for putting up with me.” He hugged me tighter. I can tell this whole thing has been hard on him too, I so love watching him wave at the cute babies in church and ooo at them, it’s so sweet. He’s going to be the best daddy!

So onward and upward! I’m REALLY hoping my body gets a clue and has a cycle on its own. We shall see though. God’s plans aren’t usually my own yet his are always infinitely better.

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  1. So glad to hear that there's someone else whose period didn't show! Glad to hear Provera worked for you!