June 2, 2010


Hello! Sorry I haven't updated you recently, last week I was flat out exhausted and now, we'll I'm ubber sick. I feel like I got hit by a cold truck over the weekend, last night he turned around and ran over me again! Oh well!

Let's recap. I called the dr. on the 25 of May to let her know I had reached 90 day with no period, they had me come in on the 26th for blood tests (for my thyroid). All tests came back normal which is good news! Thank you Lord for that! My dr. assistant told me they want us to abstain for 3 weeks and then I have to retest to make absolutely sure I'm not pregnant and at that point (assuming a negative test) I'll be given a Rx for Provera to force a period. I'm a little concerned because I am starting to think I do have PCOS, in which case I should be on Metformin not Provea (provea can worsen insulin issues often associated with PCOS). I was going to ask the dr assistant why they didn't test me for PCOS when out of no where she says "oh honey, I know this is hard, it's not supposed to be this way it's supposed to be easy, ya know I have two already I'll have one for you!" Now I know she meant this in the nicest of ways, however I went from calm and collected to frantically wanting to get off the phone. This is the cliche' stuff people say that drives me BATTY! I welcome advice, if you are solid and grounded about it, for example "I think_____, because_______." NOT "Just relax!!!"
I have to call back and talk to the dr or her assistant again soon anyway, then I will ask to be tested for PCOS. I think this will show the extent of which my dr is willing to work with me as opposed to using some formula she has that may or may not work for me.

Though I must say, I have remained fairly calm throughout all of this. I'm doing great at keeping my head screwed on straight, keeping my faith and not freaking out. I'm proud of me. One day and one step at a time. It helps that I have the support of the best husband ever, and a pretty spectacular BFF. And as fearful as I was of telling my in-laws if feels really good to have their support. This is all in God's hands, I know he hears the petitions V. and I lift to him and will answer them, I trust in that and have total faith. I just don't know when or how, because I'm not supposed to.

Until next time!
~Much Love~

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  1. I am proud of you too! You seem very sane and collected lately. Keep your faith and you'll be just fine! And on days when you get a little batty? That's why I'm here! :) Love you!