September 30, 2011

Happy Dayz

After the better part of a work-week on one fewer pills/day I feel like I'm on top of the world!  I have energy and a good attitude again, it's so normal but so glorious all at the same time!

Today G'ma had Liam at our house and when my boss decided we needed a "early out" I scurried off under the shimmer of fall sunshine to check out a local child-consignment place I adore.  I enjoyed weaving through traffic with my music up and my too-big sunglasses shielding my eyes as I observed the leaves about to change to fall's beauty.  It was a mere few minutes of rare alone time but I soaked it in and allowed my mind the room to wonder that she so needed. 

After scoring a few treasures (I promise a picture tomorrow, it's going to be priceless!) I was back in the car and headed to my baby.  I couldn't help but think about the last seven days, perhaps the craziest seven days of my life.  They started with a genuine fear that I was going to pass away far too young and have ended with a fresh new attitude of gratitude for each day with my husband, baby, amazing friends and family.  I want to remember that fear, desperately.  I want to hug it close, pull it into my chest and lock it away in small closet in my heart so I won't forget.  As crazy as it sounds I hope that fears never leaves me so I won't so easily forget to cherish the small things in life, life enjoying a moment of fall sunshine on the way home to the arms of my baby.

My health scare was intense, and while it seems to have passed (at least for now), it seems to have changed me and my outlook, I pray with my whole heart that these changes are concrete and that I can always remember what it felt like in that place.

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  1. I love that you have gained such insight from this malady. Life is grand and we all need to see just how lucky we all are. :) Kit