September 17, 2011

Feeling Good [Workout Post]

It's no surprise I missed the gym while pregnant (I was too swollen to workout).  I started back at the gym at about five weeks post partum working out here and there and it was glorious but a struggle to find time (and energy).

Flash forward to almost 14 weeks post partum and working out is a full blown priority.  We are in enough of a routine that I can somewhat plan at least two workouts a week (usually on Saturday and Sunday) for about 30-45 minutes each.  It may not be much but it provides me the "me" time I need and let's face it those endorphins help so much!

So I thought I'd start some Fitness Journals on here, I can't promise I'll post them consistently but I'll try.  So let's give it a go, shall we?

Today's Workout:
  • 30 minutes on Elliptical Trainer Hills program
    • Goal: Leisurely workout (more for sanity than waistline)
    • 262 calories burned
    • 2.4 miles covered (12.5 minute/mile)
    • 100 sit ups, variety and 30 push ups
    • Cool-down & Stretch
  • Current Weight: 153lbs  (42lbs lost, most of which are from breastfeeding)
  • Goal Weight: 140-145 (main goal is for toning)
  • Mood Status: Feeling good both physically and is good.

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