September 10, 2011

B!tchfest Sept 2011 Edition

It's really too bad that yesterday I wrote about choosing my attitude because today I'm pissy and I need to vent desperately!

I know a lot of people would kill for a better relationship with their in-laws but mine are driving me f'n nuts!  I'm seriously about two minutes from being committed!  I get that Liam is the first grandchild, and yes we ALL waited a very long time for him and yes we all love him BUT my mother-in-law is over-kill!

Would you care for a few examples?  Yes?

  1. She is constantly asking to have him more often, keep him longer and complaining about not watching him 5 days/week.  For one thing she is the one that talked about retiring to watch him and decided it wasn't for the best....and ya know what?  I am so happy about the way things worked out!  We LOVE "Nanna" who watches Liam 4 days/week!  She is loving and follows our wishes to the T.  I never have to worry about where Liam is, if he's ate or taken a nap [laying down] etc.
  2. She repeats sh!t seven times!  I'm going to start finishing her sentence to prove a point, I GET IT!  (just a heads up, she's only ~50 so it's not like she's loosing it or something)
  3. She immediately changes Liam's clothes every.single.time I drop him off and puts him in something she "found" (garage sale, hand-me-down etc).  Uh...I spent good money on the clothes we like and that fit him and I send TWO clean outfits to your house!
  4. She hints around at things instead of flat out asking (as does sister in law).  For example: Sister in law is coming home for her birthday (#27, she acts 12) next week.  She has mentioned she wants to "watch Liam at least one day while Jen is at work".  Hell to the no Ms Immaturity.  MIL has started hinting about SIL coming home etc.  [I nipped this one in the bud, she is NOT watching Liam unsupervised, N-O...NO!]
  5. Yesterday she was on facebook when she had him, now I realize he naps etc and she doesn't need to stare at him 24/7 BUT she was on at least 4 times! WTF!  (I checked my facebook on my ipod at work).
  6. I feel like I'm being suffocated by her.  Everyday it's a text/facebook message/call/they show up.  I can not do another 3 months of constant communication give-me-SPACE.  I need a day off from you!
  7. V specifically told her "we do not want Liam outside in the (forest fire) smoke." [there have been health warnings and I have asthma so we just didn't want to risk it.  She did it anyway.  "Oh, I took Liam outside, he loves it so....oh it was only 30 seconds!"  I don't give a damn, NO MEANS NO!

I know what you are thinking "talk to her".  And I have, it feels like over and over.  I think tomorrow I'm taking her to lunch and telling her "these things are deal breakers, if you can't abide by my and V's wishes then Nanna will start watching Liam full time and you can see him on the weekends while V and I are around."  It feels drastic but I'm so sick of it all.

If you made it this far you deserve a cookie, go get one!

P.S. In searching Google for "angry cartoon faces this is what I came up with....yes the silly kitten at the end was in there...too funny!  I most closely relate to the second guy :)

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