September 8, 2011

Too Much Crap

I have too much crap in my head, good stuff-bad stuff and lists!  So many lists, I feel like I'm always writing something down, I should start writing down where I put those darn lists, I bet I loose 50% of them! LOL!

Overall things are good, a few days ago they weren't but they've taken a turn for the better, and Thank God! Seriously.   Worry not dear blog peeps, this too shall pass (perhaps it already has, that would be nice).  I don't really want to talk too much about what is or was going on, nothing earth shattering.

I seriously wrote like seven posts in my head the other day at work, well actually I had a piece of paper and pen (old school!) since "big brother" is all up in our business these days, the down side of your company being purchased by a much larger company.  No more facebook, personal email, blogging etc at work, guess they expect me to work 100% of the time I'm there, weird huh?  LOL!  Anyway, I promise to actually type out some of those posts, maybe this weekend.  I'm considering writing some fitness/health blog post/journal entries on here too so stay tuned for that!

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