September 9, 2011

I choose....Happiness

I've got some negativity bouncing around in my head tonight and it shouldn't be there!  I had a good and steady day in the office that was over quickly enough and was followed by a nice relaxing evening with both V and Liam.  Shoo negativity, shooo!

I believe we have free will in this life time, we get to make all the choices we want so what do I choose?  I choose to be happy and positive.  So the following is a list of things that currently make be really happy!

  1. I'm slowly starting to feel good about my body, especially my legs!  They are looking really strong, for the first time in my life I look at my thighs and like what I see.
  2. Liam's Laugh!  He can really get going now, he'll smile so big his tongue sticks out and before I know it he's rambling on with ooooos and ahhhhhhs.  Makes my day!
  3. Salads, I always love them but I'm figuring out how to make ones I really love at home!
  4. I've given breastfeeding a end date.  For a variety of reasons I just want to be done.  I can't wait to wear this lace bra I got!
  5. I'm going to do "Mommy & Me" photos this fall, with the cooler weather and shorter days rapidly approaching it gives me something to look forward to!
  6. My bestie and I are going to a country concert next month, hence I've been rocking out to country all week long!  I'm obsessed with The Band Perry and "If I die young"
Ok that is enough, I'm already happier!  Night all, Momma needs some zzzz's~
  1. Halloween. I typically don't love this holiday but this year I've found some really funny shirts for Liam and a silly one piece for him to wear on the day.

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