July 6, 2011

3 Weeks Postpartum

Weighty Issues: I weighed myself the other day, even though I said I wouldn't for the first month and guess what! I've already lost 75% of my baby weight!!! I have around 10lbs left to go (all of which is in my tummy, oh well).  This is entirely due to breastfeeding, I take no credit at all!

Stretch Marks: Remember that tiny single one I found on the bottom of my belly?  In the final days of my pregnancy it brought friends to the party.  I have two small patches of short stretch marks on the bottom of my belly and three around my belly button.  Oh well.

Sleep:  Liam sleeps 3 hour stretches at night (and sometimes during the day) so I get some sleep at night.  I've learned I can do anything with 3 hours sleep and one hand! :)

Best Moment this week: All of the moments are pretty sweet, Liam is a great baby and even when he's fussy he's not that fussy.  I love when he smiles, even if they aren't "real" smiles yet.

Food:  Yum.  I love food.  Since I'm home I'm eating pretty healthy.  And let's face it, it's way too much work to load up Liam to run and get fast food so I eat a lot of yogurt and granola, fruit, trail mix, string cheese and try to make dinner most nights.

Clothes: I'm still wearing my maternity pants, mostly out of fear of trying to smoosh myself into my pre-preg pants.  I can wear my pre-preg shirts just not the smallest ones.

Labor signs: Almost all signs of labor are gone, meaning I'm mostly healed "down there".  I won't lie to you, I'm still bleeding on and off but I'm free of pain (from my internal tear, ouch).

Belly Button: Looks somewhat like it did before. I still have the line running from my breast to my southern region as well.

What I miss: Not having people asking about breastfeeding, seriously everyone is interested and has opinions....even men!  Yikes!  So if I answer you in a vague manner it means stop asking!

What I’m looking forward too: The next ten minutes, I so love the time with him, everything is special!

Weekly Wisdom: Don't set yourself up for disappointment.  I went into my labor with a "whatever happens, happens" attitude and I have no regrets from it even though it was so different than I hoped it would be.  Because I didn't have my heart set on things going on specific way I was able to accept how it went.  I have the same attitude about breastfeeding, I'll do it as long as I can and be ok with it.  There is no use in setting yourself up for disappointment then having to mourn the loss of your high hopes. :)

Weekly WTF:  None...yet...this week anyway! :)

Nesting: Being home all day I do nest, sort of.  I try to nap when Liam naps but I often find myself doing chores (dishes, laundry etc), half the reason is feeling productive the other half is so that V can half all the daddy love time possible.

Milestones: Liam is three weeks old and I'm starting to understand his schedule, not too bad!

Coming soon: newborn pics!

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