July 4, 2011

Picture Perfect

I think I only have one regret about my pregnancy, it's not doing maternity pictures.  You know the adorable formal, dress cute ones.  Sure I did the weekly "belly picture" but by the time I thought you "should" do the official ones I was to tired/big/uncomfortable (depending on the day).  Simply put I didn't put the effort forth and I regret it.

BUT long before Mr Liam "came into this world" I signed him up for newborn pictures with a great local photographer!  Last week I went and had them done with Kristine Paulsen and Liam did great!  Kristine was super amazing and worked so well with us (and my new mommy schedule)!  She even made time for us this passed Sunday so we could do a few family shots (we all know what a fan V is of having his picture taken, I found a way to convince him which will make more sense when you see the pics!).  I know I will one day look back on these photos and treasure them, heck I'll probably treasure them a week after having them in my hot little hands!

Stay tuned, I'll be sure to post some!

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