July 21, 2011

My Husband, My Hero

Well technically I don't beleive in heros, I don't believe in holding people up on a pedistol because we are all human and all flawed and will ultimately disappoint eventurally.  But last night my hubby blew that all out of the water.

Since I'm home all day and can nap I've been letting V sleep through the night.  Liam is really easy baby in genearl but especially at night, he only gets up 3 times anyway so it's not that hard.  Add this to the fact that V works construction, he needs sleep for his safety.  Last night though, last night was rough.  Liam woke up ready to eat so we went about our usual routine; change diaper, feed off both boobies, rock for a moment and back to the bedroom for sleepy time (Liam sleeps in a bassinet in our room).  All went according to plan except for the last part...after eatting Liam got really upset, I thought "ok, you need to burp." and went about attempting that, typically he'd burp and pass out.  Not this time Liam started crying which quickly lead to screaming and suddenly I had no energy, zero, zip, zilch...I felt oddly drained.  Nothing worked and Liam just kept getting louder, my heart was breaking but I had nothing...I could not get him to stop.  It only lasted maybe 5 minutes and V appeared, he calmly picked up Liam and he "I've got it."  I decided to let him, it was 4am and I was suddenly drained.  I went back to bed and before I knew it Liam had stoped crying and V was placing him, sound asleep, in his bassinet.  I've never been more in love with V! 

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