July 26, 2011

This is going to be random, try to keep up!

I've had ~7 running posts on my mind for days and let's face it I just don't have that kind of time so this is going to be one rather random post. 

In no particular order:

1. The Gym.  Yes I am back, yes I went before I was "cleared" and I loved it!  The gym is my place and I missed it.  I figure I haven't really worked out in about 5 months, that is a long time for me.  I went back last week and only did about a half hour of light cardio and it was glorious.  I dropped Liam off with Grandma and scurried off.  I so enjoyed the time and have no guilt about it at all.  It was actually really neat, as I finished my work out I noticed two little boys (about 6 years old) outside playing, it occurred to me that one day that would be Liam rough-housing with his friends and my heart filled with joy.  Going to the gym really cleared my head and helped me feel better about the "body image issues" I was dealing with too!  *Today I had my six week appt and I am cleared to workout, commence fitness classes!*

2. Our Grand Adventure.  It was grand!  Liam did amazing in the car and only fussed the last few minutes when we got stuck in road construction.  Once at the cabin it was so restful, V did all the cooking and I even found some time to just lay in the sun and read my mommy magazines.  V enjoyed some fishing and we had the yummiest fish dinner!  I was sad to leave, especially since Liam slept so well (four hours at a time!).  I'm hoping we can return one more time before summer rides off into the sunset and winter pounces on us again.

For your enjoyment a pic of Liam chatting with me today!

3. Liam is 6 Weeks Old!  Can you believe it?  I can't.  He's started making little noises and smiling in response to V and I.  This morning I was super bummed because I have to return to work next week and Liam just smiled at me a ton and "talked" with me, brightened up my whole day!  He's such a good baby, he still only sleeps about 3 hours at a time but I'm still getting 6-9 hours total a night which I understand is more than most moms at this point so I'll take it.  According to my books soon he'll be able to roll over (one way) and grasp things, crazy!

4. I had my 6 Week check up.  It felt incredibly odd to go to the Dr this afternoon.  You spend almost a year going ALL.THE.TIME then suddenly it's like "see ya in 2012."  Strange.  I've lost ~30 lbs so far and my Dr was happy with that, ~9 remain to be lost, all in my tummy.  We discussed birth control, [never thought I'd say that after how hard it was to GET pregnant].  In the end V and I decided Liam is a miracle baby that technically was naturally conceived and we didn't want two miracle babies in one year so IUD it is for us...er me.  It was really nice to see my Dr and nurse, I really like them (as you know if you have read my blog for any amount of time).  Is it odd that I'm going to kinda miss seeing them?  Side note, Auntie (aka Bestie) came with me to watch Liam since I assumed it would be a longer appt.  After I was done I found them walking the halls and she gushed about how she just chatted with him and he passed out in her arms....it really melted my heart!  I may not have any family by blood but the true family I have are amazing and I could not be more thankful for them! <3

5.  Having More Children....Maybe.  So I've danced around posting about this but it's a thought I need to get out of my head.  V and I aren't sure if we'll have more children, or try to have more I guess is a more appropriate way to say that.  Heaven only knows if we can have more.  Facts are V is "older" and we want to provide the best possible future for Liam, including being able to help him with college.  While I would ideally like him to have a sibling it just might not been in the cards for us.  Then again it's too early to do anything permanent to our fertility (V will get snipped should our decision become long term)....so hence the IUD.  Oh and by-the-by I hate that people have been asking us for at least a month if we are having more children!  It took us two years to make this one, can't we enjoy him for a while?!!?  Really!

6. Breastfeeding.  Yep I'm still trying, I think Liam is in a growth spurt but so far I've been able to keep up.  I still have random pains in my boobs but I think it's normal.  They don't hurt enough to ask the lactation consultant (yet) so I'm clearly not too worried about it.  Next week I start back to work where I'll pump.  And as long as I don't dry up because I'm not feeding him directly I'll probably keep doing it.  We are still supplementing with formula as needed but thankfully he's had no trouble going from boobies to bottle and back.

7.  Work.  Oy Vey.  My boss is kinda a nut case (a post for another day).  I have to go back next week and I'm just not ready but I have to so I will.  Luckily we have someone to watch Liam in her home that we trust.  He'll be loved and cared for and get so much one-on-one attention that it's pretty much the next best thing.  Thankfully my boss and I found some common ground and I can take some Mondays off to spend with him, that should make it easier on both of us.

Wow, I only guessed it was seven topics but it really was!  Feels good to get all those thoughts out!  If you are still reading you deserve a cookie, go get one!

Until next time,


  1. You sound so great! Yay for going back to the gym and feeling better about yourself. You are doing a fabulous job by the way little Mommy. :) Kit

  2. Oh my gosh, Liam is a doll. He is just to cute. Good for you for getting back to the gym. As much as we love our wee ones and caring for them, I am a firm believer that mommies need me time and to take care of themselves so we can better take care of our babies. :)