July 12, 2011


For the record I think we are all a tiny bit vain, I mean if we weren't we wouldn't shower and get all cleaned up each day, right?

I'll admit I'm vain, I like to look nice!  I don't spend hours (or even a hour) fretting over my appearance but I do spend some effort on it and I have certain "rules" I live by....or did until I had a little guy relying on me and demanding much of my time and attention.  What are these "rules"?  I'd never leave the house in sweats or workout gear unless heading to the gym, same applies for going sans makeup or bra.  Simple right?  Well then I started breastfeeding and 99% of my bras suck (even the nursing ones).  And I still have some baby weight on so...yoga pants to the grocery store? Yes please!  Last night I spent some quality time with a dear friend going through some difficult times, after she left I had (HAD) to go to the grocery store...only problem?  Liam had a bit of a rough night the night before....here it was 7pm and I hadn't showered or put on my make up and I still had a sports bra on....OH WELL!  Off to the grocery store I went.  And ya know what?  I couldn't have cared less!  I'm a new momma, I have new priorities now and hey I did put on jeans and a t-shirt so not all was lost (and I brushed my teeth). 

It's just funny to me, I really didn't think I'd let these things go.  I still shower almost every day and still put on makeup even if I don't leave the house but some "rules" just don't apply anymore.  I'd rather spend the time with my little lovey, he's already growing so quickly!  (Yeah, he's 4 weeks old today! Yikes!)


  1. Yoga pants are your friend. Girl I wear them all.the.time. SO WHAT! I always have though. Oops. lol. Just dont get so flustered & walk out of the house with BLACK yoga pants & BROWN flip flops...not saying I did that or anything..haha

  2. LOL!! This made me smile. I figure that is why they make sweats! And you are beautiful naturally so don't worry about the makeup. But yes, do brush your teeth.....LOL Kit