December 27, 2010

Location: Cloud Nine

I took today off from work because I had some PTO (paid time off) that was "use or loose".  I must admit it was nice to have a four day weekend.  We spent yesterday cleaning in prep for dad-in-law to start work on the spare/baby room so the tree and Christmas decor came down and we gave most everything a once over, and by we I mean mostly V, he's so good to me!  V headed off to work early this am and hunger had me rising not long after.  I love my hubby but I so enjoyed the quiet of having the house to myself.  I ate a good breakfast and got ready before nibbling on a afternoon snack so I could head out and do a few errands.  Dad-in-law arrived just as I was leaving, yay!

I spent a lovely afternoon leisurely doing errands at the bank, then Old Navy (maternity pants for $15?! Heck yes!), and a few other places before meeting my love for a lunch of burritos, Yum!  Time passed quickly.  Before I knew it, it was time for me to head of for my routine 16 week appointment with Dr. Wonderful.  I was happy the wait was much shorter than usual, I sat there for maybe 10 minutes at most!  Yippie!  The staff there is so sweet, I'm always impressed that everyone knows me by name, guess I shouldn't been I see them so often but it's still nice.  It was your standard: blood pressure, pee in a cup (they check protein and insulin levels at every appointment), weigh in (still on a healthy track!) and Dr Wonderful came in to do the Doppler.  160 perfect beats per minute!  Whew!  I could listen to that sound all day long!  I had no questions so we went out and scheduled our anatomy scan!!!  Jan 18th!  I'll be 19 weeks exactly and it's the day after my hubby's birthday! Perfect!

It's been a wonderful day, now I sit at our window watching big fluffy snow flakes fall and I don't think I've ever been happier in my life.

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