December 19, 2010

Good Choices

Back when V and I started dating I made it very clear that in one year (when I finished putting myself through college) I had a one way ticket out of the town we lived in.  I wanted to live somewhere I could make good use of my education.  He understood and told me he'd go where-ever I went.  We dated for about two years before getting engaged and now we've been married almost three years.  Five years later we never did leave.

It's not like we didn't discuss it, in fact we still discuss moving.  You see I have no relationship with my parents, or really anyone in my family, but that is a story for another day.  So we only have V's family, which I've mentioned before is rather large in quantity and so loving.  Before we got married it occurred to me if he left this town for me it would be unavoidable that our someday children would be raised far from their only extended family.  I just wasn't comfortable with that so we made the choice, and have made the choice over and over again to stay here.  I likely won't have my dream career here, the cost of housing is re-donkulous and I still daydream of moving away BUT family is here....our family.

This has only become more and more special over the last year like when I really needed mom-in-laws support as we approached fertility testing and treatment.  Or when we feared our miracle pregnancy was going to be ectopic and unviable.  And now more than ever it's so special that we have them so close, just this morning bro-in-law drove into town in below freezing temps just to help us with getting a few heavy items out of the spare room in prep for the babe. (Bro-in-law lives with mom and dad-in-law about 25 miles out of town).  To him it was nothing special, he was helping family and his niece or nephew to be, he wouldn't have it any other way.

It's safe to say we've made a good and the right choice in staying here, our child will be raised among a large and loving family.  Just warms my heart!

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  1. I'm sure glad you stayed!! Funny how life works out too, never quite the way you'd originally planned. :)