December 12, 2010

Is it just me or what?

I love this time of year, really I do, but.....if I'm really honest I love Thanksgiving more, much more.  During the month of November people make a sincere effort to be more thankful and kind to one another. The family time is a special kind of wonderful. Then... Black Friday hits and it all becomes about shopping and spending and spending.  I fall victim every year, the thoughts of "I should really spend more on so-and-so because I bought other so-and-so XY and Z."  I hate and I really mean hate that we do this to this season.  Lately I have to actively remind myself of the REAL reason for the season, the root word of Christmas.  This "holiday" was never ever intended to be about stuff but about it should be Christ centered.  I'll do my best to stay off my soapbox, I'm just being honest about the struggle I'm having this year.  I feel so much pressure to spend so much money on so many people all the while in the back of my mind I have a running total of the $ we need to start spending on our child for things he or she will need.  It's really frustrating, throw in all the extra hormones I have ragging through my body daily and well I'm kinda... irritable.  I feel pulled in every direction when I'm just flat out exhausted.  So someone please tell me I'm not the only one?


  1. I get bothered by some people's interpretation of the season, but I feel good about the way I celebrate, so I try not to let it get to me. To me, it's about Christ but it's also about family and friends and bright lights and happy hearts. A season of surprises and snow, cozy houses and hot cocoa, helping others, helping strangers. This year I'm doing hand-made gifts as much as I can. It has let me relax money-wise, and I actually am super excited to give them this year. Home-made has a way of bringing extra smiles and that makes it so worth it. Maybe you can hand make some gifts this year? Bake things? That has helped me chill a lot more this year. :)

  2. Just remember, you can't change others, only yourself. Stick to your guns and only spend or do what you want to do. Don't give into the pressure and you will enjoy the season more. You are a lot more tired this year, and Christmas may seem a bit overwhelming. (I remember being pregnant and just wanting to sleep thru Christmas....LOL)Step back, take of yourself and do the holiday on your terms. :) Kit

  3. i'm so sorry you feel like that. in recent years our Lord brought me to a place of only giving gifts when i am inspired to do so (throughout the year, regardless of any 'holiday'). and i am frugal so that means i am going to purpose to get a good deal/spend the least amount possible. i will not buy a gift just to buy a gift. i believe this is an area our Lord has gifted me with as i have also come to realize that my foremost love language is (giving/receiving) gifts. also, in regards to christmas, i want what i give to be point to Christ. for that material to be encouraging growth in the person's walk with the Lord and to be reminding them of the greatest gift we have been given. because quite simply, giving out of obligation is not a gift.

    i want joy and freedom for you in this area:)