December 23, 2010

107 Days Preggo....a Survey

  • How far along; 15 weeks 2 days
  • Weighty Issues: up a total of eight, I'm sure it will be more after all the Christmas goodies I've eaten :) 
  • Stretch Marks: No official one.... yet
  • Sleep: I'm getting better at going to bed early, yay me! I wake up at least twice to pee each!
  • Best Moment this week: We bought bedding (it's fairly neutral) and may have decided on a boy name (we've had a girl name for almost a year).  Wahoo! 
  • Food Commentary: Cravings are less intense, in fact I think now they are more of I see someone eating something yummy and it sounds so good I want one :)  I still can't stand the thought of cheese but I can live with that.  And I haven't thrown up since the fluke about a week ago! Yay! 
  • Maternity Clothes: Maternity pants full time, I can still pull off some of my pre-preg shirts which is nice. 
  • Labor Signs: God Forbid! it's far far far too early for that business!!!! I don't plan on changing this one until at least 36+ weeks.
  • Belly Button In or Out: Still in...seems a bit wider though.
  • What I miss: Working out, I'm going to start pre-natal yoga after the new year! 
  • What I'm looking forward to: Our spare room will be fixed up the end of next week and we can prep for paint after we find out the baby's gender end of January. (right after V's birthday!)
  • Weekly Wisdom: Sleep more! (and Enjoy the small moments!)
  • Weekly WTF:  I don't have one this week.
  • Nesting: I'm so ready to nest!!!!
  • Milestones: This is the second week of my second trimester which is super impressive to me :)
For more on the development of a 15 week baby click here.

p.s. sorry I've been so random with the pics, I'll work on that!

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