January 31, 2011


Tattoos, you either love them or hate them.....I love me some body art. I only have two in the most classic of girl tattoo places, my lower back (hey I was 18!) and my left outside ankle.  Given that one of my tats is approaching it's 10th birthday I'm pretty thankful that not only do I not regret them I still love them and their meanings.

I have Chinese symbols on my lower back and outside ankle.  My back also has a shooting star and the symbol for Destiny.  I had a really rough childhood and despite it all I made it through, at the time I didn't have faith or know anything about faith but believed something and someone had gotten me through, thus I had a Destiny, hence the tattoo on my 18th birthday.

My other tattoo is on the outside of my left ankle, there you will find two symbols, one is translated "to trust, rely or believe" and the other is "God or Heaven".  I got this tattoo roughly 4 years ago, I actually remember Vic being shocked that I wanted to go get a tattoo that night when we hung out. It's a very simple design so the tattoo itself took moments but gosh was it painful.  I got this tattoo because of my desire to rely more heavily on God.  Relying on anything or anyone is a struggle for me, I'm very accustom to doing things on my own and in my own time....or at least so I think.  I love pretending I'm in some sort of control but we all know that is just an illusion.

I was thinking about my ankle tattoo today at the gym, I often forget I have it until someone mentions it, which isn't often because it's below my shoe line when wearing flats. I was thinking about how much meaning that tattoo still holds for me, I got it because I wanted to rely on God more, something I still desire deeply.  I find myself in the same place as four years ago and can only assume in another four years I'll feel the same, it's a hamster wheel of sorts because the more I rely on God the more I want to rely on him. I find myself trying to fix things or do things on my own when I really should be relying on him first and seeking his guidance on how to go about things.  It would make life so much simpler.  Alas I am a stubborn woman. 

I love having that tattoo there to remind me of that desire, to remind me to chase after it and pursue it daily.  My faith and beliefs have gotten me through so much.  So who out there has tattoos? They always have stories, tell me! I love stories!

p.s. When I find my camera cord I'll upload a pic of my ankle tat.


  1. I like your tattoos too! Good that the meaning behind them is so good and strong. I have yet to ink myself up but when I do it will represent family--the wonderful people around me who have given me all my strength. :)

  2. I love that you have tattoos that you still love and appreciate the meaning of! I could never commit to one - I had a few ideas here and there, but I never actually went for it. I knew a girl who had a tattoo of the Roadrunner on her back... and my friend's husband has a Tweety Bird tattoo... hahaha. It cracks me up!