January 24, 2011


No I'm not trying to teach myself Morris-code, it's our little peanut showing us he's awake and wants some attention too!  They are right when they say the first kicks feel like gas bubbles or flutters, although when it's your first pregnancy you have no idea what "flutters" feel like until you experience them.  The little kicks have gotten stronger and stronger over the last two weeks, it's clear our little boy sure loves it when I'm off work and put my feet up.

Kicks are amazing, I spend a good portion of my day waiting for them and when one or two finally appear it's the best feeling in the world!  It's like my little guy is saying "hi mom".  I'm thankful for a friend who told me "remember they have busy days and lazy days just like us, try not to worry too much when he's quiet."  So far I've refrained from eating surgery treats to get more kicks, I can't promise I'll always be so strong :)

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