January 12, 2011

Good Bye Scary Thoughts!

I know that probably sounds crazy, doesn't it?  Here's the thing, I have had so many scary moments throughout most of my pregnancy that I will fully admit I've had a lot of scary thoughts.  Mostly along the lines of "what if the baby dies?" or "What if I get to my next appointment and the baby has died?" It's a real fear I had almost everyday for weeks.  It was almost uncontrollable, no it was uncontrollable.  My mind would go there and it was all I could do to pray through it and focus on the positive to reassure myself and move forward.

Why am I telling you this?  Because it's true, it's real.  Today I was getting ready to order some things and it occurred to me that I have not had one of those scary thoughts in a while (maybe a few weeks).  One day they just went away and that feels like a big milestone.  Thank God!

 Just wanted to share.

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