November 13, 2010

Under Constuction!

Is it crazy that I'm so excited about this?  I guess I need to explain a little first.  V and I rent his Grandfather's house.  Grandpa died about 3 years willing all his earthy possessions into the family.  Unfortunately these items were mostly neglected for the last several years as Grandpa struggled to battle cancer and wouldn't except help maintaining his house, cabin, land and boat.  After he passed V's family found out that 16 of the descendants had equal ownership in all these items.  The house was in such disrepair that no one would live in it, so V stepped up and moved in and started pouring blood, sweat and tears into this house.  Thankfully after we were married and I moved in the family allowed us to keep our below market rent because the house still needs some love.  V's uncle acts as our landlord and takes care of anything we need around the house that we don't feel we should do, he also pays us back for anything we choose to do around the house so we've gotten to put our touch on it.  It's been a fairly nice arrangement.  When uncle J came over today to congratulate us he took a moment to walk around the house and review a few things I would love to see done before the babe comes.  He was more than happy to do them and move up the timeline for a few other items to be completed before the babe is here!!! Yay!!  I'm not sure exactly when everything will start but our little home is going to be under construction soon!!! YAY!!!

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