November 15, 2010

The Kindest Words

This morning I decided to out V and I on facebook.  I've been thinking about it a lot over the last few days, like what I would say, and how I could incorporate our struggle to get pregnant with our joy and praise to God for our baby. 

Status update: Jen and V are excited to announce, after a long year of trying, they are expecting their first child in June 2011! Praise God for our miracle baby, we can not wait to meet you! ♥

I was, and still am, overwhelmed by the kind words of friends near and far.  My heart swelled as I received notes in my inbox about others who struggled too.  I've felt for a long time God gave us this journey for a reason, that reason was to reach out and make this a less secretive, shameful, lonely journey for others.  While we didn't end up going through fertility treatments, this time, I feel like I can relate more to my friends with fertility issues and struggles than those without.  I plan to do everything I can to keep this door open and the conversation going.

For good measure my 10 week survey:
  • How far along; 10 weeks (day early)
  • Weighty Issues: Still haven't weighed myself, two more weeks and the dr will let me know.
  • Stretch Marks: none yet, I predict that I get them on my boobies first....bye bye body of my youth! LOL!
  • Sleep: good, I love sleep!  On the weekends I get at least 10-11hrs!
  • Best Moment this week: sharing our news on facebook and having so many share kind words <3
  • Movement: none yet, while the babe might be moving about like crazy I won't feel him or her for a while.
  • Food Commentary: it's getting a little better, I've had a few days when I needed to "morning" sickness pills to make it through the day and a few days where I needed zero pills!
  • Labor Signs: God Forbid! it's far far far too early for that business!
  • Belly Button In or Out: So far still in, I get bloated at night and have a pouch under my belly's getting bigger!  I predict I will being "showing" in the next week or two!
  • What I miss:Not much, I'm adjusting to the changes my body needs pretty well (at least today!)
  • What I'm looking forward to: Our next dr appointment!
  • Weekly Wisdom: Ordering maternity clothes online is tricky, make sure you can return them easily!
  • Weekly WTF: None this week.
  • Nesting: Yeah I'm definitely more interested in getting the spare room cleaned up and getting somethings stored away but nothing too crazy.
  • Milestones: When we were first scared about the possibility of a ectopic pregnancy and me bleeding internally 10 weeks seemed a million miles away, today I am SO excited to be 10 weeks, only two more weeks until 2nd trimester!!! 

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  1. clapping and rejoicing with you! we have gotta buck this trend of couples dealing with this in silence and secrecy..