November 3, 2010

A Important Note About Sleep

Note to Self:  If you do not get enough (aka 8+hrs/night) you will feel horribly sick the next day and curse yourself for it.

Yeah you guessed it, last night I stayed up, just being stubborn, even though I was exhausted.  You see I married a night owl who rarely goes to bed before oh 11-12pm, I on the other hand am a morning person who even pre-pregnancy would rather be in bed by 9:30pm at the latest.  Now that I have a babe in my belly I've noticed an increased need for sleep, duh!  Last night I should have gone to bed over and over again, I was getting increasingly grumpy from staying up yet I stayed in the living room with said night owl husband until I literally passed out.  Today I feel like utter poo and will have to cancel hanging out with friends.  It's all my own stupid fault, even more so why would I deprive the belly from the sleep it needs?!?!  Stupid!  I keep trying to get my head around the fact that I just can't go-go-go anymore but apparently it's not working.  Tonight, you betcha I'm in bed long before the night owl even considers it!

P.S. if Homer where wearing a shirt of some sort this is a relatively good representation of what I looked like last night when I finally passed out on the joke!