November 23, 2010

Attitude of Gratitude: Day Two

I'm about to get all sorts of sappy on you here, just saying.

What am I thankful for? My husband, putting all the baby stuff aside he's amazing.  I had a rough childhood which, no matter how well you come out of it, leaves you with baggage and issues.  V has dealt with all my junk with the most grace anyone could.  He is patient, and oh so kind, and while not the most romantic he is so thoughtful.  In college he was my personal cheerleader and supporter. Ok, now I gotta bring up some pregnancy related sappiness:  I'm exhausted 24-7 and V has, without being asked, stepped up to 100% of the chores around the house plus anything else that could make my life easier.  He has gone above and beyond all the time!  I didn't know I could love someone so much, every time I think I can't love him more I fall so much deeper in love with him.  And when he talks to the babe, through my belly button, it just melts my heart!  I can't imagine my life without him and there is no one I'd rather have babies with! <3

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