November 8, 2010

Embrassed by my groceries!

Today after work I was feeling pretty darn good so I decided to get some desperately needed groceries.  After about 20 mins gathering items V could make for him self, and would actually eat with no convincing from me I was wiped out but not done.  At some point I looked down to review what all I had selected and I was so embarrassed!  For one thing there was two of everything, two boxes of cereal, two bags of tortilla chips (a staple of my hubby's diet), some pre-seasoned meats, items to make cold sandwiches (for V), two gallons of milk and a small variety of other items. Usually my cart is full of fresh fruits, veggies, whole grains and generally healthier items, but right now between what I can eat and what V will eat it's not so pretty.  Not to mention looking at all the different foods makes me terribly sick and the effort it took was exhausting!  Poor V, gone are the days of you getting out of grocery shopping!


  1. LOL!! Time for him to step up to the plate and learn how to drive a shopping cart. Just like my S mulching leaves for the first time this year since I can't mow. They can do it! Kit

  2. Ha ha! My mom's right. :) I have faith in V! It'll just be a bit different for awhile! LOL