October 1, 2010

Some Random Thoughts

Hi Blog Peeps,
So this Blog Challenge has had me distracted (mission accomplished!) so I thought I'd share some random thoughts I've had recently with you.
  • My dr appt is Tuesday, not next Tuesday, or two weeks from Tuesday, but this TUESDAY!  I can hardly believe we are finally taking a real step towards getting pregnant/having a baby!
  • I haven't taken my temp or charted anything in a FULL month, it's been pretty nice but let's face it I'll probably start again once the baby train is in full gear, which starts on Tuesday!
  • I've already told you about how V has picked our a baby girl name, I was reviewing some of the boy names he likes and several of them had meanings related to Blessing/Blessed/To Bless (like my dream a few months ago).  Lord I pray this is some kind of sign!
  • I think I need to stop watching shows like "Teen Mom" and "I'm Pregnant And..." just for a little while, to focus on the here and now.
  • My boss has been so great to me, it's like everyday my decision to leave my old job is reinforced more and more.
  • I'm really considering doing lowlights in stead of highlights (I told you these were random thoughts).
    • and cutting bangs again!
  • I love my yoga class more than I can explain, it's just a little time for me.
    • between that and leaving my job I have almost no stress left, thank you Lord!
  • HOLY CRAP it's OCTOBER!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. Ha ha! I like your list! (And am sooo excited about Tuesday! I wanna hear all about it!)