October 16, 2010

This doesn't seem real!

So you may have noticed a few baby related items showing up around my blog ::points to ticker above:: that is still a big guess of my potential due date.  I must admit I'm still a little surprised I'm pregnant, blissfully surprised but still surprised.  I'm kinda afraid to celebrate but trust me my body keeps reminding me daily that I am indeed knocked up (sorry I think the term "knocked up" is funny!).  In 15 days I get to go back to the dr and see the heartbeat, I think that is when it will really set it. Then I'm sure I'll want to start sharing the news and celebrating! 

Right now I've only shared the good news with my bestie, my boss (I had to when the dr feared it could be a life threatening ectopic pregnancy) and my in-laws.  Can I be honest for a moment? Yes? Good!  I wish I wouldn't have told my in-laws yet.  At first it seemed like a good idea but then the dr was afraid my pregnancy was ectopic, now we know it's not ectopic but still I'm afraid to celebrate and share my news.  Unfortunately my in-laws (mom and dad in law) do not understand and want us to spread the news ASAP.  The thing is people have been "waiting" for us to have children for 2.5 years, once we tell people it will spread like wild fire, and we won't get to be the ones to spread it.  That makes me anxious and sad.  I want to share our news on our time.  Specifically Mom-in-law wants us to tell sister and brother in law, the problem is they are both really immature (at age 25 and 27 respectively) and total gossips.  Honestly, and this may sound horrible, but I could wait weeks and weeks to tell them after all our friends etc know and be happy.   I realize this is horrible because they are family and typically should get to hear first but they have not earned that right.  Unfortunately I won't get to wait weeks and weeks to tell them.  After a good long and calm talk last night V agreed with me that yes we will wait until after we hear the heartbeat but no longer, that we will tell them before others.  This was the common ground we could find between telling them right now and waiting weeks and weeks.  I'm hoping I can get them to understand how important it is to keep our pregnancy to just us family for a few weeks so that V and I can share the big news on Thanksgiving Day with the rest of the family and start telling our friends.  I guess I have to give sister and brother in law the chance to earn my trust, this will be their last chance.

Wish us luck?


  1. Stay strong, honey! Stand up to the in-laws, but don't stress too much. If it goes awry with brother and sister in law, don't fret. You're pregnant! And that's the important part! :) At least they'll be spreading GOOD news. Love you hon!

    (PS. I love the ticker at the top of your blog! Cute!)

  2. Remember above all else, that this is your life and your baby. Everyone else's needs are secondary. Take care of yourself, and enjoy every feeling and every moment of this special time. :) Kit

  3. I'm loving the new tickers! Ahhh! It makes it so real. Like I said to you before, this is your first pregnancy and you need to handle it how YOU want to. Don't let anyone take this special time from you. Talk to you soon. Xoxoxo.