October 20, 2010

My body is already no longer mine

Please note the following is merely a list of observations and not complaints, I vow to never complain about my pregnancy, ever, period.

So I am somewhere between 5-6 weeks, since my "morning" sickness has arrived I tend to lean more towards 6 weeks, I hear "morning" sickness arrives about week 6 so that is my basis for this guess.  Anyway my point is that it appears that my body is already no longer mine.  Here is a list of evidence to support my theory, enjoy!  (TMI warning)
  1. I have completely lost the ability to go #2 at my own desire, now should the need suddenly arise to go #2 my heart (and body) are overjoyed and I could care less where I am (work, mall, in-laws house etc) as long as there is a toilet.
  2. I would rather die than eat almost all of my favorite foods, even the thought of them makes my head spin in sickness.  In fact I went to the grocery store after work last night, that place is now my personal hell.  Please pray that V learns how to cook FAST!
  3. I have to select my work attire based on how well my bra fits in the morning, and I immediately change my top when I get home from work because my chest hurts so much from the pressure of my bra.  Looks like I'll be getting new bras much sooner than I expected!
  4. By the time bedtime rolls around (now between 7p-9:30pm at the latest)  I am so bloated I can hardly suck in my stomach.
  5. When my head is not spinning from "morning" sickness all I want is Mexican food or cereal.  I started this post yesterday, now I want no food what-so-ever, I'm terribly nauseated 80% of the day.
  6. I am most frequently sick in the afternoon and evening so the term "morning" sickness is totally B.S.
  7. I consider daily how much trouble I could get in for "resting my eyes" in the last hour of my shift at work.
  8. I had to remove my belly ring already. I know it sounds silly but I've had it for almost a decade and still really loved it but I worried I might actually forget later....yes my memory is going rapidly as well.
I hope I was able to give you a good laugh!


  1. LOL! Your body is definitely being controlled by baby! :D Hopefully the sick feeling doesn't last too long!!

  2. Don't worry it will pass. Just don't make the mistake I did and take a long boat ride to Catalina Island (in the first 3 months of my first preg). Worse journey of my life....LOL Kit