March 11, 2010

Sweet Dreams

I had the most wonderful dream last night! It was so real, I was pretty sad when I woke up. I'll share the whole story with you!

In my dream I was really sick and went to the ER to discover I was in labor, I did not look pregnant at all! (Mind you in real life I'm a fit, 135lbs-ish & 5'7.) Anyway, the doctor proceeds to tell me she is taking my baby away because I am unfit since I didn't know I was pregnant. I explain to her I am in the .05% of women who pee tests don't work for and I didn't know but I lead a very health lifestyle and I'm happily married, so she lets me keep the baby and labor continues. V. is often in the background in utter shock and at some point one of his aunts makes an appearance, odd. A little bit later I give birth to this beautiful little boy, he's tiny with lots of dark hair & totally healthy. I'm wearing my grey robe I wear at home so I open it to allow him to lay right on my chest. He's so prefect, V. stands next to me excited but still in shock. I actually remember thinking, "it's April so we got pregnant in July-we weren't even trying yet!" I was so filled with total joy but a little overwhelmed because we only had a girl name picked out, we just kept calling him "our blessing".

What a wonderful dream, I hope it's a preview of what is yet to come for V. and I! Maybe I'll start looking at boy names online! I loved that little boy so completely, it was such an amazing feeling! My heart is still warm and hopeful from it.

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