October 10, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 25 My Day in great detail

Hey Peeps,
Sorry I fell off the Blog Challenge Cart, so to speak, I'm sure you understand.  As best I can figure without doing much math I should be on day 25.  My day in great detail.  I'm afraid you will be bored to tears but here goes.

It's Sunday so:
V got up about 9am (very late for him) I relaxed in bed for about 15 mins without him, then got up
It was too late for us to get ready for church in time so we decided to spend some quality time just hanging out at home.  I ate some random things, banana, dry cereal and watched cartoons with V (don't know what they were V liked them, I thought they were weird, lol)
12:00pm V owes me a date night we went to a local Mexican place for lunch, he had beef burritos, I had chicken fajitas, so yummy!
1:30pm Date continues we saw "Life as we know it" SUPER CUTE!
3:45ish movie is over, we head to Target to get a gift for my friend's little girl who will be one this month.  I found a really cute sweater and picked up some fiber bars and fiber powder to mix in with my water (one of my first pregnancy symptoms, constipation, fun! LOL)
4:30pm we drove across town to pay rent (V's uncle is our landlord so we got to chat with him and his wife, we love them both very much)
5:00pm we grabbed milk so I can have cereal in the morning and head home.
We get home and watched random tv (V watched some National Geographic show about crystal caves in Mexico)
8:00pm we watched two new episodes of "Sister Wives" while we do not agree with their lifestyle we find it pretty interesting, odd but interesting if that is possible.
Now it's 9:20pm and I'm preparing for bed, it's been a really great day, nay weekend!  Yesterday I got my hair did (for the first time in like 5 months!) and just a few more days until our ultrasound!

Is that you snoring I hear because I bored you that much? Dang! Sorry!!! LOL! I hope you are well peeps!

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