October 19, 2010

Guilana & Bill (the show)


This season V and I started watching Guilana and Bill on Style Network, it's about Guilana on E! news and her husband's journey through infertility and life.  It's a cute little show, in the season premier they find out that their first attempt at IVF worked.  Last night we were watching episode #2 where the look for a house and are all excited and what not.  I had seen some interviews with them (and also the preview for the rest of the season) that reveals that they loose the baby at about 8 weeks.  Last night at V and I are watching it he comments on how happy they are and I say "yeah it's too bad they loose the baby."  he literally turns to me in shock and is like "what? that sucks."  I know what you are thinking, "and your point is?"  Allow me to explain, you have to interpret V, what he really meant was "oh my gosh, how very sad! wait that can happen?!?!"  We went on to talk about how they continue trying to have a baby etc.  The thing is I am glad V and I had this mini-talk, I think it opened his eyes in a real way as to why I still don't to share our info.  I think it solidified our choice to wait a little longer, it was actually super sweet, V proceeded to come over and talk to the baby through my belly button.  Makes me totally happy.  13 days until we can hear/see the heart beat!

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  1. Glad he's starting to understand this a bit more. :) Good to have these moments and conversations!