October 25, 2010

Shouldn't have said that to the Pharmacy person....

If that title doesn't get your attention nothing will!

My "morning" sickness is worse than ever, in fact it feels like it gets worse every day.  No I do not actually vomit but I am basically unable to eat anything at all.  I feel super nausiated in general then add in the mere thought of any kind of food and I feel like I will die.  Yesterday I stayed on the sofa almost the entire day literally, thankfully V took such good care of me, he even ran to the grocery store to get me bagels (the only food I can stomach). 
Today though I am super weak, my stomach is sore in general and I ate maybe 400-500 calories then I was driving to run a work errand and started crying in traffic because I felt so awful.  And that was my breaking point.  I called my dr and spoke to my nurse, she didn't even question me (Thank You LORD!) shortly I had an prescription to pick up of Zofran.  Also known as my new best friend.
Flash to the pharmacy 3 hours later, my prescription is not ready....and they are out of the kind that dissolve in your mouth.  I'm thinking "ok, listen I will take anything at this point, give me dog food and tell me it will make me better."  Luckily my issue is not pills, I can take my prenatal no problem it's just FOOD.  An important detail of my story is I am the only person at the pharmacy, I did not stand in line there was no wait.  I finally had to sit down while they figure this out.... thirty minutes, yes THIRTY MINUTES later they need my birth date...again....ok.  Then they need to see my insurance card again....sigh.  Finally forty-five minutes later I have 10 magic little pills that are said to ease my nausea.  HALLELUJAH! 
Oh wait you want me to have a consult with the lead pharmacist?!? Ok.....  So this little woman comes over  "how are you?" me "I've been worse."  her (with blank stare) "good, wait bad, wait......oh your newly pregnant?!?"  cue me rolling my eyes.....and saying "so is there anything you need to tell me about those pills I've been waiting like an hour for?"  She didn't seem too happy but I got my pills and I'm happy to say I took one on the way home from work, 3 hours later I've eaten a little dinner!  Could it be the pills, yes!  Could it be placebo effect, yes!  Do I care which is really is, no!  I'm so so beyond thankful to have a little food feeding me and the babmino! 
So long story short, try not to be a smart ass to the pharmacy people, they control the pills!!!  I hope you had a good laugh at my expense!  Only 6 more days to my third ultrasound and seeing the bambino!

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