October 30, 2010

A Reassuring Dream

So the other night after my "the fear monster..." post I had the most real dream about our babe.  Actually the first one I thought was actually about our child.  I was at my upcoming ultrasound and unrealistically far along and they told me my baby is perfectly healthy and the gender (which I choose not to reveal).  Needless to say I believe that was God being like "hey Jen, I've got this under control, and really as long as baby is healthy, what else matters?!"  And it's so true.  Thousands and thousands of people have done with before us in worse situations.  V and I are smart and competent adults who love each other and wanted this baby.  No matter if I take unpaid maternity leave or start working a little earlier than idea from home, it will all work out. 

So after my reality check I'm just trying to take things day by day.  My magic pills (aka Zofran) are helping but I still get super tired super fast which can lead to nausea.  This afternoon V and I went out to do some errands for all of 2.5 hrs and I was wiped out.  I'm still learning to be less of a go-go-go girl but I think that will come with time.

So I think I'll do one of those fun posts I've seen other pregnant bloggers do, hope you don't mind if I just tag in on here.

  • How far along; best guess is 7 weeks 2 days (hopefully the dr gives me some direction on this tomorrow)
  • Stretch Marks: um way to early for that, although I got some of that Burt's Bees Belly stuff today for good measure
  • Sleep: is interesting these days.  I get up A LOT to pee, we're talking at least twice a night
  • Best Moment this week:  I turned to V and said "what if [insert scary thought here] happens."  Without missing a step he was totally reassuring and caring.  I love V but he's not always like this.  It meant the world to me
  • Movement: none yet, while the babe might be moving about like crazy I won't feel him or her for a while.
  • Food Commentary: O.M.GEEEE  I could write a book!  Food and I don't get a long right now.  I'm having major food aversions (Zofran only helps with nausea not aversions).  Right now cold cereal, soups of most kinds and breads are my friends.  Not the most well rounded diet but at this point I'll take what I can get....or force down.
  • Labor Signs: God Forbid! it's far far far too early for that business!
  • Belly Button In or Out:  So far still in, I get bloated at night and have a pouch under my belly button but it's not horrible.
  • What I miss:  Hmmm  well food in general, but in all honest it's all worth it.  And hopefully the second trimester will be awesome so I refuse to complain!
  • What I'm looking forward to: my ultrasound on Monday, seeing my babe shaped like a gummy bear, hearing the heart beat for the first time, and yes having a real due date!
  • Weekly Wisdom: Two 1. Today I'm pregnant and doing all I can to give my babe the best shot at life that is all I can do 2. Thousands and thousands of people have done this therefor I can do this too!
  • Weekly WTF:  Hmmmmm  (TMI WARNING)  WTF butt!  I say you have to poop yet I go and it on the toilet and push like no other and a m&m sized turd comes out!?!?!  Seriously let's team up and get things moving STAT!
  • Nesting: nope, having really done much on that end.
  • Milestones: getting Zofran and feeling much less like crap day and night, I feel like a new woman!
I hope you enjoy my candor and honesty!  I hope your Halloween weekend is fun!

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