March 2, 2010

Valuable Lessons About Our Dishwasher

Recently learned by my husband, V.!

Yesterday I was at the gym after work, as I'm pulling away I see I have a voicemail so I check it (not illegal in my state to do this!). It's the V., he wants me to pick up dish soap for the dishwasher. I think to myself "nope, I already did your chore. And I still have to go home and make dinner, it can wait." Flash forward to my arrival at home, literally 5 mins later (clearly we don't live in the more metropolitan of places, LOL). I see the dish washer is running but assume we had just enough dish soap for one more load, yay! I talk to V. concerning what he would like for dinner (I had two items in mind so I thought he could pick). So I start making dinner and he asks if I got his voicemail, I said "yeah, but I didn't pick any up. I see we had enough for just one load though, yay!" V. "nope I used the other stuff" me "aaahhh like what?" V. "the kind you use in the sink." I glance at dishwasher and bubbles are seeping from the sides "ACK!!!" V. comes running in "what? what! what?" I point to the dishwasher and say (lovingly...sorta) "Honey!?! WHY in the WORLD would you do that???" Husband opens and bubbles go everywhere!!!! Our dog LOVED it, I did not. I was so upset. V. kept pushing buttons, finally I convinced him to scoop out as much of the bubbles as possible and run it through rinse a few times. He was not thrilled that A.) I knew sink soap would do this B.) I understood the right way to end this C.) I was mad he may have ruined our nice dishwasher (did I mention we rent our home?) Eventually the bubbles stopped and V. vowed to never do that again....and dinner was really yummy (yay me!).
Looking back some 20 some hours later it's funny, then not so much. I think (hope, pray) the dishwasher is none worse for the wear of this situation.

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