March 4, 2010

Blissfully Hopeful

Last night I was writing in my personal journal, the old school kind with paper and pen, and I was just blissfully hopeful. Not necessarily about this cycle exactly, but in general about our baby making journey. We have placed this whole thing in the capable hands of the Lord and left it there, waiting on his will and that feels....peaceful. I still feel that way but last night it was so very strong, my heart was warm and I felt very at peace. It felt so nice, I pray that I can feel that way more often and perhaps even consistently during this journey. I take that back, I know I will learn so much from this journey, I'll take whatever emotions it hands me. :)

Other than the recent ah...discussion...on telling the in-laws about our trying to conceive journey V. has been super sweet! It's cute to watch him grow more and more excited about this. It was clear that when we began this journey I was more excited and that was ok with me because I knew he would catch up and he has. I love him, and love being on this journey with him. Now we are just walking a long, waiting to arrive at mile marker "pregnant". I can't wait, he'll be an amazing daddy!

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