March 26, 2010

I'll take 75%

I just read a statistic that I had to blog about!

"About 75 percent of couples conceive during the first 6 months [of trying] ." That means V. and I are half way there! Should we get pregnant in June that would mean a blessing from God near our 3rd wedding anniversary! How great would that be! It may be silly to search for information like this but it calms me when worry gets the best of me and gives me something to look forward to and remember I'm going to only look forward! :)

All my life I've wanted a winter pregnancy/birth (ideally birth in February). I have no idea why but ever since I've wanted children that has stood out to me as being the "perfect" time. You know when you are really ready to be a mother when you are totally willing to be nine months pregnant in July if it meant a baby in your arms. I reached the point recently! I could not careless when we get pregnant or when our child is born (nor it's gender for that matter), I am just ready for it all to start!!! It's a really peaceful place to be, I like it here. :)

So with that I am remaining steady in the faith that God will provide us with the baby V. and I so desire in his perfect time....and not a moment sooner!

lastly: I went to look for the exact link but couldn't find it. If you are interest check out:

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