March 17, 2010


Our anniversary celebration was amazing!!!! Best of all V. planned it all by himself! I was a little worried that he hadn't planned much but decided to hope for the best. I love V. but he is not the worlds most romantic man. I must admit it was really nice to not have to worry about the details of everything and to just be able to sit back for a while.
We left early afternoon of Saturday and drove for a few hours, landing in a beautiful little mountain community. Little did I know V. had booked us a room at the fancy resort there with valet parking and all!!! We strolled by several gift shops and through the huge lobby to check in. I felt a little out of place but was still a grinning fool! Unfortunately the check in girl ruined V.'s surprise dinner plans for the first night, she was sweet just gushing about how much she liked the restaurant we had reservations for. She even said "happy anniversary"!! We made our way to the 11Th floor and our beautiful room, oh yeah they up graded us to a room with a view and fireplace! We settled in and I noticed flowers!!! (I had made the mistake about 4 years ago telling V. I didn't like flowers, which at the time I didn't because of my ex. So V. refused to buy me flowers until now....) It was a gorgeous bouquet of assorted flowers (roses, Gerber daisies, tulips, Lilly's etc).
It was a wonderful relaxing weekend, we explored the little shops, slept in, drove around and had that fancy dinner which was still wonderful! V. even allowed a few photos, are rare treat!
The next couple days went far too quickly but were well enjoyed. Before we knew it we were back in the car to make the several hour trip home. I'm pretty sure I am still grinning! I'm a lucky girl who is really looking forward to marriage year #3!

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