March 22, 2010

Oh Grandma-in-law.....Sigh

V. and I spend a fair amount of time with his family and I do love them. I'm glad that my child will be raised around them but sometimes I wish there was more distance between us.

This last weekend we went to V.'s paternal Grandparents house for some be-lated corned beef and cabbage. It was a lovely time of chatting, eating and more chatting. After dinner was all cleaned up the ladies wanted to play some games. Let it be known I'm not a big fan of games, I'm not sure why I just don't love them. I got roped in this time though. I kept yawning out of sheer boredom, while I love them, all the ladies were at least 30 years older than I. Grandma-in-law noticed and says to me "You sure are tired, any specific reason?!?!" I was not happy, and replied in a fairly cold manner "Nope." I understand that they want us to have kids because they love us and whatnot but really, stop asking! It just solidifies how glad I am that our journey is private, at least for now. I can only imagine how often they would ask if they only knew we were actually attempting to have a child *cringe*

Hopefully we never have to tell them we are "trying" and we can just announce our pregnancy. And no Grandma-in-law you will NOT have to ask me if I am indeed pregnant I promise you, we will happily tell you. (In case you are wondering yes they already have other great-grandchildren, many of them).

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