February 26, 2010

My first Barlow Girl Concert

Will certainly not be my last!! Before last night I knew very little about them, after last night I will always be a maga-fan! Not only are they 3 amazingly talented sisters (each played no less than two instruments during the concert), who are beautiful and clearly intelligent but they have such an amazing love for the Lord!
They shared so much truth that spoke to me and touched my heart in a really peaceful way. I long to share what they did but fear I will butcher it horribly but here goes.

Alyssa spoke about vines in vineyard. Apparently there are only two kinds: one is watered constantly and will produce fruit for 2-3 years at most before it's completely useless and must be torn up and burned. The other is rarely watered which causes it great stress and leads it to dig in deep to the ground and seek natural waters, this vine will produce fruit for about 9 years. Not only that it is the highest quality fruit. Later she spoke about how she was diagnosed, at 18, with a rare disease (the name of which I can not recall) and the doctors told her that within a year she would not be able to walk and the pain would be so bad that she would certainly be addicted to pain pills. Alyssa got up everyday in excruciating pain, and choose to walk and press into the Lord. She said she "never got offended" that he didn't immediately answer her prayers and cries for healing. She just got up everyday and pressed into the Lord. And one year to the day she was completely healed. The doctors can't explain it, but really what doctor can explain a miracle? She spoke about "what would have happened if I had gotten offended at day 364 that the Lord had not answered my prayers?".

I found Alyssa's story amazing, but nothing is too amazing for my Lord! This is standard for him! If we remain in him, pressing in, believing and walking the path he has laid out, no matter how hard, we will eventually reach that natural water that is him and he will answer us! Don't get me wrong here, I do not believe that the Lord will always answer us the way we would choose but I do believe that he always answers us, if we allow him his time.

I am so moved but in a really peaceful way! I can totally see that the Lord is speaking to me through this. I felt I the Lord tell me to walk this path (about the baby stuff) and he will provide me with the desires of my heart in HIS time. WOW! OK Lord, your will, you clearly know the desires of my heart. I will walk your path, dig in deeper and wait on your ways. I love you Jesus!

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