February 18, 2010

I never win anything

Or I should say I have never won anything until recently. Yesterday it was announced that I am the lucky winner of a all expense paid trip for two to South Padre Island, TX. My company gives away trips every year to the highest sales performers and the "Sales Support Person of the Year". All the sales reps vote on who is the support person of the year. Last year I got second to a very deserving person and I thought the same would happen this year but it didn't!
I don't know anything about South Padre Island other than what I have googled so far but I'm excited!! V. is making ground, it's kinda set in his ways but he's coming around. He is really excited for me, this recognition is so special to me!
So in about 7 weeks we'll be laying on the beach, or snorkeling, or deep sea fishing with about 20ish people from my company on the company's dollar. I'll try and take some pics to post for you to see!

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