February 18, 2010

I'm not Catholic however.....

However, every year during lent I try to give something up at least temporarily. I only do it during lent because that is when I remember. It's mostly out of sport and to test my personal willpower, or lack there of.

This year I had a difficult time picking something to give up. I eat fairly healthy so I really didn't want to give up anything food based, though it probably isn't a bad idea. So the first day or so of lent have come and gone but I discovered what I'm giving up!

I'm giving up my bad attitude!!! I'm not a downer of a person or a pessimist in general (I don't think) but I do complain and maybe too much. So for the next 40 days or so I am going to work my hardest to try and see everything (I mean EVERYTHING) is the most positive, up beat way possible. I'm going to spin things in a sunny light and watch them shine! I think this will be every good for me, and maybe those around me. After all what good does whining about work etc really do? I know I will have moments, perhaps even days where I fail at this but I am going to work hard at not giving up. Who knows maybe it will be a lifestyle change and I'll be even more naturally happy!!! (I think I just heard someone barf at the thought of me being happier, whoops LOL).

And really maybe this will help with with our journey to having a baby. If I am just super upbeat for the next month or so and I don't focus on the stress that this whole journey can cause then maybe...well it will just overall help. I know so many people who are like "yeah, we just stopped worrying about it and it happened."

So here goes no more wasting time being grumpy over petty things, I will frame the following 40 days with the words "Will this matter in 5 years, if not then I'm letting it go."

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