February 2, 2010

Bumble Bees, Oh How I Love Thee!

V. and I were out shopping for baby shower gifts on Sunday and I came across something we just had to have for our own little someday baby! When I day dream about us having a baby it's a girl, at least currently, the gender seems to change every month or so. But right now it's a little girl, the gender in my day dreams probably has something to do with the baby girl's name that V. picked out and I fell in love with. :) Anyway, we were at my favorite clothing place (Old Navy) looking through all the boy clothes, their selection seemed especially slim for new-borns. Or maybe it's that I have had 11 pregnant friends in the last year, most of which had had their children by now, only 2 had girls! Perhaps I am burnt out on buying boy clothes, and maybe another reason I envision V. and I with a little girl? V. found interest in some rather cute items and presented them to me, together we assembled quite the adorable outfit!! Then my eyes start to wander and I found myself ohing and awing at some rather cute and tiny items. I don't know why but I love bumble bees when related to baby things and of course I find the only little girl bodysuit with a bumble bee on it. In fact it has this cute little bee and underneath it says "Happy", get it? Bee Happy! SSSSOOOOO Cute!!! I had to have it. I presented it to V. and giggled saying "We need this!" V. looked puzzled knowing A.) We are not yet pregnant B.) I am the frugal one with a strict definition of the word "need". I could sense that he could not resist the smile on my face! As I promised to put it in the hope chest from my youth, he agreed it was ok to purchase it, SCORE! He is such a sweet man, I do love V. I can't wait to make him a Daddy. Please God don't make us wait long.

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